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A Scolaris Workshop: No Essay Required

A Scolaris Workshop


No Essay Required

Argumentative Writing in 5 Minutes a Day for the Content Area Teacher

Writing is widely considered the domain of English departments, however research shows that content-area teachers often do not benefit from a Language Arts-centered disciplinary writing curriculum (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008).  In this workshop, we focus on short-form writing that focuses first on disciplinary skills, thinking, and knowledge by using argumentative writing activities so that the focus remains on the subject you teach.  This workshop:



makes your subject the "star" while supporting ELA Standards

  • Introduces ways to support the ELA Common Core standards in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as language standards, while making your subject the focus.

  • Build subject-matter fluency in your discipline while taking advantage of the cognitive benefits that come from reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

  • Includes strategies to integrate high-engagement, discipline-focused, short-form writing activities with other departments or campus-wide programs you may already be using.

Focuses on High-Engagement, High-Leverage Writing 

  • Includes activities that can be done in as little as 5 minutes a day.

  • Includes strategies for special needs students and English learners.

  • Provides you with classroom-ready strategies that can be used immediately as well as instruction on the skills to allow you to build instructional activities that are best for your classroom.



Does NOT Include the 5-Paragraph Essay

As a content-area teacher, time you spend on writing instruction means time away from your topic.  Moreover, research suggests that the 5-paragraph essay is not the ideal tool for student writing, in part because of its reliance on form over function (Johnson, et al., 2003; Rosenwasser & Stephen, 1997; Wesley, 2000).

The activities and strategies we discuss support multiple ways of developing skills students will be able to use to construct long form writing and help to build critical thinking skills that will be important for college and career.  Even though our strategies don't include the 5-paragraph essay, the techniques we share will have your students better prepared to write such an essay if you choose.

Feedback from Previous Events with the same instructors

“The instructor’s wealth of practical experience and genuine concern with improving education made this insightful and engaging.”

“I feel like I got so much out of this that I can actually take into my classroom.”

“I have found great worth in what we learned to immediately apply to my classroom.”

“That was refreshing. I had expectations coming in and not only were they met, but I feel confident in saying that they were even exceeded.”

“I never would have thought to incorporate written work as a way to communicate in math. This session was the best one I've attended so far this conference. I will definitely use what I learned in my classroom!”