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Some of Our Strategies


Catch Me Up

Engaging students in writing does not automatically mean students must engage in long-form writing.  In this activity we take advantage of the benefits of distributed practice while asking students to analyze and evaluate what they have learned.  


3 Easy Ways to Provide On-The-Spot Feedback

It is often difficult to provide immediate, meaningful feedback to students. The three strategies we offer on the page linked below are tools we have successfully used to give students purposeful, meaningful feedback that students can immediately act on.


One Sentence, Revisited

In this strategy, students write one sentence to answer a question, perhaps an essential question or a question of their own. As students learn more about a topic, theme, or concept they revisit the question and their one sentence response and revise it using their newly acquired knowledge. This continues over the course of a lesson or unit, with revisions reflecting increases in student knowledge and understanding.