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Services we offer

Services and support that we offer.

curriculum integration

As our education system becomes more integrated in nature, it becomes more vital to not only integrate instruction across subject areas, but to do so in a way that maintains fidelity to each of the disciplines being integrated.  

teaching, not training

We don't train.  We teach.  We are not for everyone. We trust teachers, when equipped with the knowledge and tools, to do so, to make instructional decisions about the curriculum and students they teach.  Our job is to provide the knowledge, tools, and resources, grounded in research, to make that happen.   If you share our commitment to empowering teachers and students, we may be a match.

curriculum development

One of our favorite opportunities is to be able to develop curriculum with stakeholders that can improve student engagement and learning.  

integrating scholarship and practice

A teacher we worked with once told us the story of a visit by a distinguished professor from a major research university near her school.  The professor was there specifically to meet with the mathematics team.  The teacher, her school's math department chair, was particularly looking forward to learning about how she might integrate research with her practice.  After her meeting, however, she came away frustrated, as the professor had merely shared his research, not ways to integrate research and practice.

We seek to bridge that gap.

faculty development

Every member of the education community is important.  We strive to develop not only individual capacity, but capacity as a course team, department, or school to support student learning.

enduring solutions

Not surprisingly, good teaching has a way of transcending the latest fad, reform, or packaged curriculum.  We work with you and the stakeholders at your school to craft an enduring way of approaching education that will ideally survive after we are gone.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.
— Abigail Adams, 1780