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Jenn Branch to Present "Let's Communicate!" at Northwest Mathematics Conference in Whistler, British Columbia

Dr. Jennifer Branch has been invited to present "Let's Communicate!  Foster Math Learning One Conversational Interaction at a Time" at the Northwest Mathematics Conference October 18-20, 2018 in Whistler, BC, Canada.  This will be Dr. Branch's third presentation to the Northwest Mathematics Conference.  As with her previous presentations, Dr. Branch will speak to the importance of going "beyond the numbers" of math and building student capacity through engaging students in discussion.

According to Dr. Branch, "Deep conceptual understanding involves verbal, written, and tangible interactions that go beyond teacher-to-student. Communication must also exist from student-to-student in order to take the learning of mathematics to a new level."  This session will help participants foster student-to-student communication by utilizing cooperative structures, questioning strategies, and generating student interest in others' thoughts and approaches.

For more information on this presentation or how we can bring this to your school or district, please contact

Paul McHenry