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"Turning Vocabulary into Academic Language" to be presented by Dr. Jennifer Branch

Dr. Jennifer Branch has been invited to present "Turning Vocabulary Into Academic Language" at the California Math Council in Palm Springs, California November 2-3, 2018.  According to Dr. Branch, math teachers often struggle with getting students to develop their content vocabulary.  In this session Dr. Branch will lead participants in examining grade level vocabulary; engaging in number puzzles that will enhance content understanding, increase student participation, and expand vocabulary; and creating activities for use in participants' classrooms and schools.  This will allow students to go beyond the definition of the word to understanding and purposeful application of mathematical concepts.

This will be Dr. Branch's fifth presentation at the California Math Council, where she has previously presented on writing and talking about math, student engagement, and leveraging the Common Core math standards.

For more information on this presentation or how we can bring this or another workshop to your school or district, contact Dr. Branch at

Paul McHenry