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Dr. Jennifer Branch Presents “Let’s Communicate” at the 57th NorthWest Mathematics Conference in Whistler, BC, Canada

On Friday, October 19, 2018 Dr. Jennifer Branch presented at the 57th NorthWest Mathematics Conference, hosted by the British Columbia Association of Math Teachers.  Key features of her “Let’s Communicate” presentation included utilizing talk moves and questioning strategies to engage students in mathematical conversations with their teacher and their peers. Participants learned how to incorporate ways to talk with students rather than at them using talk moves such as repeating, adding on, and saying more.  Additionally, participants worked on questioning strategies to help their students to communicate effectively whether in the whole group setting, small groups, or in partners. These questioning strategies support a number of instructional goals, such as a focus on comprehension, problem solving, discussing approach and modeling, or mathematical reasoning.

To learn more about these strategies and how we can help you implement them, contact Dr. Branch at

Paul McHenry